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Giants in our reality

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

What are Giants?

We read about them in sacred texts, watch them in movies, even see them depicted in ancient art, it’s a common “trope”. To the modern person a giant is more of a creature of fiction and mythology, but could the Giant be more than just an archetype or allegory? Is there any evidence of real giants in our world today? Perhaps. There are well established scientific institutions that have openly admitted to “losing” and destroying giant human bones. Ex-employees of such corporations, reluctantly, have admitted that the true nature of “Scientific Institutions” is to collect and obscure the evidence of artifacts that oppose or challenge the agreed upon, intentionally misleading (if not completely fraudulent) history. They speak of vast underground tunnels and vaults filled with unimaginable relics and books that look as if they haven’t seen the light of day in centuries, and giant bones.

What’s so fraudulent?

What’s fraudulent is the fact that we are brought up being told that certain things are a part of our reality and certain things are not. Fiction and Non-Fiction books were what we had to choose from in our government funded school library. Certain things were clearly labeled as “truths” and others as “fallacies”. Things like instructional books, history & science books were within the realm of “reality”, things like Giants, Fairies, Magic were the latter.

Why is this important?

Well if we are told that something is true our entire lives and it turns out to be false then this naturally shatters our perceptions of reality, leaving us confused and apathetic. The possibility that trusted organizations are consciously obscuring specific parts of reality doesn’t sit well with many of us because it leads to many more questions that have uncomfortable answers.

Photo by Thomas Dumortier

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

George Santayana

How can we even begin to learn from history if we don’t have the whole story? There are an overwhelming amount of “historical mysteries” that go untold in classrooms and museums. Several unidentifiable objects and machines have turned up over the years and no conclusion is ever reached as to the function or origin of the object. Television shows dedicated to “exploring” these mysteries only seem to beat around the bush about what it could possibly be but never give a straight answer.

The possibility of Giants having walked the earth as recently as two hundred years ago completely challenges the modern paradigms of both science and history. Yet not only has physical evidence been unearthed but oral traditions are still passed down by American Indian tribes are still being told today.

An example of living giants from our modern era is the Lovelock Cave Account in which a tribe of giants were said to be living. The rumor goes that the Paiute and Shosone tribes spent many years battling this tribe of reddish haired giants until finally cornering the last of their numbers in Lovelock cave. The Paiute and Shosone placed some burning brush at the entrance of the cave and allegedly suffocated the last of them. It’s said that the surrounding European settlements disregarded the events as stories of pure fancy. That is until several years later when a mining team collecting bat guano discovered not only storage pits in the caves but tule hunting decoys, oversized shoes, and giant human skulls and bones… there were an estimated total of twenty thousand artifacts discovered at Lovelock cave.

Wether or not that was exactly how things unfolded, let's think critically here… Who made those shoes? What human in that day in age was taking time out of their day to make fifteen inch long shoes that didn’t fit anyone in their tribe or town? Why waste the resources on something so clearly useless, it certainly wasn’t for the sake of art or it would have been on display somewhere.

This leads to the burning question; whose bones were those? Why would anyone go through the effort to sculpt giant human bones? A hoax or joke just doesn’t make sense, the people in the area during those times were not concerned with entertainment such as that. The only “rational” explanation given to us by science is that it was the result of inbreeding, as unlikely as that is it becomes even more unlikely when you look at all the artifacts. The chances of there being a handful of “inbreds” who were apt enough to create all the aforementioned oversized artifacts are exceptionally low. Even if the shoes were made specifically for “inbreds”, there are just too many.

Most importantly are the eyewitness accounts from the Paiute and Shosone people. For them this account is no fairytale or allegory, this is a part of their history, a part of their world. Yet the modern narrative continues to arrogantly devalue and discredit these events by painting the Paiute and Shosone tribes as mindless, primitive, savages with no grasp on reality. That assumption couldn’t be more distant from the truth.

If we look back even earlier in our accepted narrative we have the funny story of Ferdinand Magellen encountering ten foot giants in Patagonia. Magellen apparently attempted to bring these giants back to spain but they allegedly died on the journey and all that was brought back to spain were silly stories from bored sailors. This tale too is shrouded in disbelief by modern scholars. Articles written on such topics hardly give any of the actual details from the original accounts, they only serve to demean and diminish any actual evidence. We have hundreds of drawings and PHOTOGRAPHS of giant people and still the explanation is “It was an allegory!” or “They were an inbred” or “It’s a photomanipulation!” The explanation that certain figures were portrayed as larger in order to show their political importance is a theory contrived by charlatan art historians.

The opinion that people in the past were foolish, dumb, mistaken, is a crutch, a scapegoat, an excuse that modern academia uses in order to explain things away that challenge the administered narrative. This becomes obvious when you collect all the various stories, artworks and photographs. We can even look at some of our architecture and see that it is far too large for us to have built. Again, the excuse is that the rich people of the past had a thing for frivolous, yet decadent, architecture. If the slaves belonging to the Barons of the past can build such amazing buildings then why can’t professionally trained teams of carpenters and masons replicate these ancient buildings in the same amount of time with superior tools and technology.

It doesn’t make sense...

No maze of quirky explanations by the academic institutions can fully account for the volume of massive structures, giant artifacts, artworks, photographs or the oral histories present all around the world.

The only true, rational, explanation is; Giants did in fact walk the Earth in the not so distant past.

This is only the tip of the iceberg here.

With Love,


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Jason W.
Jason W.
Oct 23, 2023

Giants were one million percent real, and still are I believe. I am of the mind that we're the result of devolution from the original builder race. A race of Giants. Lincoln spoke of it. Donnelly as well. And many others as well. The fact that Giants are being systematically destroyed from history should tell everyone that they were real, and they were controversial to the narrative. How did they honestly not question all the bullshit before??? I have said damn ear my whole life that a lot of the structures we see throughout the world just isn't possible for mere men. A shit ton of it is just entirely too fantastical. The main thing that has stood out to…


Once I read and studied the Bible for myself,these stories were no longer mysteries but real history,and originated from Genesis 6:4 1Now when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born to them, 2the sons of God saw the the daughters of men and they were beautiful,and they took as wives whom ever they chose.3So the LORD said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days shall be 120 years.”…The Sons of God here were the angels that fell,mixing their seed with our seed corrupting the image of God,and were trying to prevent the Messiah from being born but that didnt work,from there they continued to mix their…

Like this was found in colorado, very interesting if you ask me


Your channel has opened up my curiosity! When will you guys upload more videos?

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