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    The intention of Mind Unveiled is to bring back curiosity into the human race. We don’t claim to have the answers, however, we leave you with many questions that may assist you in your journey. Here at MU, we explore alternative topics and theories that have either been discarded or suppressed in this present era. The channel is created by "Sol" and "Mun", The Positive-Negative, As Above So Below, Male-Female, Alpha-Omega aspects of the mind. We have chosen to stay anonymous as an effort to remove ego and judgment from the equation. When talking about this material, we have to be very mindful towards the perception of the viewer. No form of judgment on the speaker can happen when the beginner is coming to such alternative views on reality. Mind Unveiled is created from home and is NOT apart of a studio or high-end production. If you wish to know more about us we include small details time to time in our videos.

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